Maharaja Hari Singh, after the birth of his son and heir to the thrown in cannes, France, announces his return to the state. Reading Room group considers this as an opportunity to put forth its demands to the regime. A memorandum is compiled and after obtaining signature of educated Muslims, it is dispatched to Mr. Wakefield, the chairman of Maharaja's Ministerial council contrary to the expectations, it evokes a response. Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah, general Secretary of the Reading Room party, gets receipt of the memorandum and, surprisingly, an invitation that he should, along with his two comrades, present himself before the ruling council. The invitation makes waves even outside the reading room. Educated Muslims and other prominent men assemble at the Residence of G. A. Ashai one of the early-educated Muslims and an intellectual of caliber. The gathering considers the pros and cons of the event and after blessing them, instructs them to face the council.