Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah along with his fellow Aligarh alumunai, Abdul Aziz Fazili present themselves to Mr. Wakefield and Maharaja's Minister-in-Waiting. A. K. Wattal, in Shergari, Srinagar. The council members try to admonish and brow beat them and sing paens to autocratic rulers myriad kindnesses to Kashmir and its people. The two some had gone with solid data and council members did not find it easy to convince them. Mr. Wattal, in a threatening tone, tells them to be obedient or face consequences. This infuriated Abdullah and he replied that if conditions to remain the same, it will have unpleasant consequences. The council members, in their arrogance, dismiss them unceremoniously and break the conversation.

Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah begins a series of public meetings. His sweet and melodious voice reveals a divine gift bestowed upon him. His recitation of Quranic verses attracts large audiences. He also recites the heart warming and revolutionary poems of Allama Sir Mohammad Iqbal. This sweeps people and a new awakening begins to dawn.