A historic rally of Kashmiri Muslims is convened at Khan-i-Kahi Moulla. The main speaker is none other than that passionate agitator Sheikh Mohd. Abdullah. The rally, in a democratic manner elects seven public men of tremendous respect as their representatives. These were Mirwaiz Molvi Yousuf Shah, Mirwaiz Molvi Ahmad Ullah Hamdani, Kh. Saad-ud-din Shawl, Aga Syed Hussain Jalali, Kh. Ghulam Ahmad Ashaie, Munshi Shahb-ud-Din and Sheikh Mohd. Abdullah.

This rally had opened the floodgates of oppressed aspirations of the people as well as their assertive energies. When the leaders proceeded for a tea session, people were addressed by a non-Kashmiri freedom lover, Adbul Qadeer. His speech invites the wrath of the authorities. He is put behind bars and charged with sedition. He is presented in a court and Abdullah and his comrades decide to provide legal aid to him. When his trial began to attract crowds, the regime decided to hold it in central jail Srinagar.