Maharaja appoints a grievance redressal committee, called as Galancy commission, to look into the grievances of Kashmiri people and make recommendations. An I. C. S. officer Sir B. J. Galancy, himself an Englishman, was its chairman. Kashmiri Muslims were represented by Mr. G. A. Ashai, Kashmiri Pandits by Pt. P. N. Bazaz, Jammu Muslims by Ch. Ghulam Abbaas and Jammu Hindus by Mr. Mr. Lok Nath Sharma on the commission.

The people's movement organizes itself in the shape of a single organization "All Jammu & Kashmir Muslim Conference". The first session of the conference is held under the Presidentship of charismatic symbol of the uprising, Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah, on October 14 - 15 & 16 1932, in the premises of Historic Shahi (Pather) Masjid Srinagar. Sheikh Mohammad. Abdullah in his presidential address proclaims that our struggle is not only for the rights of Muslims of the state but for the well being of every one living here. He said that our's is not a communal agenda.

Maharaja approves the recommendations of Galancy commission (April 1932). Many confiscated shrines and mosques of the Muslims are returned to them. Its recommendation also covered the spheres of education, Govt. services, industrial upliftment etc. This announcement is widely celebrated with enthusiasm and illumination. The folk poets puts it in the following verse:

Urdu verses
(He realized his aim through Galacy Commission, Sher-i-Kashmir made all this happen)

Under the pressure of rising public opinion in and outside the state and peoples relentless struggle, the Maharaja announces election for a truncated. Parja Sabha (Legislative Assembly). It had bulk of the seats for Govt. nominees but about two dozen seats were thrown open for election ballot. Muslim conference decides to contest on August 27, 1934, votes were polled on Sep. 1934. Muslim conference swept the polls in Kashmir.

Muslim conference working committee meets in Srinagar on June 24, 1938. After a 52 hour long storming session, it decides to shed its rather narrow mould and throw open its doors for all section of populace, Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Christians etc. and change its name to All Jammu and Kashmir National Conference. It is carried by an overwhelming majority and later confirmed by the council with an even bigger margin. (Only 3 votes are cast opposing it).

Prominent political leaders of the state, including Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, issue a Joint statement "National demand". They demand the installation of a popular, elected and responsible government. It is signed by Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah, Choudhary Ghulam abbas, Pt. Prem Nath Bazaz, Sardar Budh Singh and others.