The infamous treaty of Amritsar is one hundred years old. Under this agreement, described as a sale deed by M. K. Gandhi, the British colonizers of India had sold the "land, lakes, mountains and men" of Kashmir to Maharaja Gulab Singh the founder of Dogra Raj in Kashmir. Sheikh Mohd. Abdullah launches his "Quite Kashmir" Movement and demands the annulment of this in human and unlawful sale deed. It touches the sentimental chord of Kashmiris and the state is in turmoil. Sheikh Mohd. Abdullah is arrested at Garhi Duppata, on Jehlum valley road, on May 19, 1946, when he was on his way to Lahore and Delhi for consultations with leaders of Public opinion there. His arrest sparks off an intense agitation. Top leadership of National Conference is detained. Dozens, including women agitations like Mufti of Anantnag are martyred. Black law's are promulgated, Press freedom censured and gagged. Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah, with three of his comrades is put to trial on the charge of sedition and subversion. His trial is held in the Badami Bagh cantonment, Srinagar, under extreme security arrangements.